#172: The Artwork Officially Known As ‘Waaaarrrgggh’

What have you got to prove?
Why do you want to speak to a wider audience?
Why share your work?
Why cry endlessly for the pain of sharing a small chunk of your thoughts?
Why should we listen?
Don’t listen. Say nothing. Don’t bother. It’ll never work. It doesn’t matter. None of this matters.
This is making you hate everyone you know and will not serve you any longer than this moment. It’s all bad.
Why should it be you to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders?

I’m curled up in a ball here.
I’m in pain.
I’m stressed.
Why don’t you give me the space I need to have all these emotions and feelings?
Why is it all about you?
It’s clearly me. It’s me over here in the corner. My corner.

Get out of my corner.
Leave me alone.

I start to resent you.
You become my life.
You consume me.
I consume myself
My knowledge overtakes me
I can’t keep up.

I am clearly a genius.
Give space for genius
Make way for me.

I’m on the way out.
Don’t follow me.

No wider audience should come to where I am going.
Darkness. Darkness. Nothing to see here.



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