IMG_0725(Un)Known Unknowns:

“And in the Playroom, young artist Philippa Mannion offers Unknown Unknowns, an interesting and sharp-witted work-in-progress about the bourgeois psychology of “doing something” about climate change, with the help of a bath gradually filled to overflowing by a young woman narrator, and two male co-performers.” – Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman ★★★★

Putting Words in My Mouth:img_3339-2

“Like any serious consideration of food culture, this short show…opens up rich seams of childhood memory, family history, ethical debate and political thought…” – Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman ★★★★

Makeshift-Broadcast-4“a gentle, affable and unexpectedly moving performance Putting Words in my Mouth takes the familiar territory of food as an adjunct to memory and cooks it into a wise reflection on parenting, relationships and growing up… It’s a tasty dish, that stew, with its genial unhurried delivery of home truths and home cooking.” – Mary Brennan, The Herald ★★★★


“Crossrail has… meat on its bones, and tells the story of an American civil engineer who comes to London to work on the Crossrail project after her husband dies… It’s brave transatlantic writing by Philippa Mannion, and ably performed by Ascoe.” – The Reviews Hub ★★★★


“Crossrail is instantly refreshing, simply for telling a story from a point of view that is all-too-seldom shown in our arts and media… an entrancing character study of a woman who is blazing through life with passion, intelligence, and independence.”  – Theatrebox ★★★★


“Absolutely fabulous! Funny, insightful, brave…loved every second.” – Audience Member

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 20.52.39“Hilarious and  light – hearted. Orgasm aren’t a topic I usually discuss outside close friends, so to make it such a fun topic, without degrading it, was incredible. I don’t think I’ve laughed at a show so much in a while in a celebratory way.” – Audience Member


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