#171: Like For Like

People be like crazy
people be like doing weird shit and that
people be putting drops of acid in their water
people be piling their plates with salmon and eggs
stuffing their faces and clanging their cutlery
getting all high
and nonsense
taking caffeine drink after caffeine drink
until they feel alive inside

People be bringing electric real to the streets
colourful carnival of big wigs and neon eye shadow
dark glasses to cover up the bags of their eyes and keep out the sun from the soul
renaming all their business and junk
sedating themselves with gin and painkillers
redrawing on the boundaries
round their genitalia
and bleeding out of places
where they had their face reconstructed and pulled up

People be like what
and she was like so what
come on
go the distance
this not even real now
you look so different now and I don’t know who you are
this is like truth
you are all playing through my process of quasi psychosomatic awesomeness
filtered through caffeine and bullshit

It was all so different back then
when we had time to prepare for appearance after appearance
the costume changes get faster and faster
now we’re rushing to the next pharmacy looking for more
more cover up

people be like crazy to me
so I give it all back
I take it all back
force for force
like for like
I brought it like I brought it so many times before

They don’t see
They just worry about their own crazy



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