#173: Rainforest Resistance

[A performance art night. An installation.]

[Disparate groups of people stand like trees on the stage and in the auditorium. They say the following random statements on an unpredictable loop. The audience are encourage to throw eggs and leave whenever they want.]

-A man takes his guitar to the trees. He switches his phone off and plays all the songs he can remember until it crumbles into white noise. He is unplugged. Completely wireless. His audience of trunks and branches can never leave him so he stays until no one hears him fall in the woods.

-The birds in the trees sing their own songs but you only mimic nature.
The lyrics can’t come close to beauty of the forest.

-A robin dances the cha cha across a small stone fence that was built by the romans. He dances like no one is watching because he has no consciousness. It does not know what it means to be liked or disliked. He just is.

-The ants make their way out of the nest to collect food for the colony. They follow one another carrying their produce on their backs. They are one mind and they all act together.

-When the wind blows and reminds us of the oncoming winter, we see leaves moving onwards as summer springs forth into autumn.

-A few years later, a graft of tree surgeons walk and drive their way with their tools through the forest. The forest is cut down to size. It stands at less than a foot tall. We have seen its demise.



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