#91: Scenes from an Emotional Life (Part 2)

we dated for many years

we dated for many
in different places

I didn’t love him

I tried to be his equal
I was always matching

I reached out and felt his heart
and the moment I did

the light went out

we moved in
then we left behind

a chest of drawers
an old straw hat
a picnic rug
and a helmet
and a bike

I remember that bike
that was the best bike I ever owned

I carried it to foot of Ben Lomond
with you

that was our adventures
in mud
and rain

the clouds hung over
and the rain permeated through rock

and we
were untouchable
unimaginable navy through Gore-tex and Yak leather

our temporary home
a tent on the beach

where you played
a guitar?

it was a guitar
we sang popular songs of the decade

you could never sing in tune

how many years ago was that?

before it wasn’t a game
with points
and levels

how many levels do you have?

I am wall
you can’t get past me

how many levels do you have?

You don’t ever let me know
You don’t let me in


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