#86: History of the World (Part 2)


but still hide it away.
And also destroy some of it – in literally tear apart and burn Ptolemy and Aristotle and Apollonius
the bibical universe
I don’t really want to go there.
I’m not really sure what that means for the history of the world
Genesis says that God created the universe
How can Aristotle say it always existed?
And then Galileo…
and the Catholic Church
sometime later on

So the universe is scary
its history is wide big complex multiplex
fought over fought against attacked
revised redone redrawn
it’s mega.

There are lots of theories
lots of ideas
lots of people involved
this is taking too long

I want to consider that the world that we live in Planet Earth
consider that the Earth is a character in the universe
as many of you artistic types may have considered all ready

the world is at the centre of our universe
so if earth is our protagonist
I have come to the logical conclusion that the sun
is our Earth’s nemesis.
But obviously they have to work together.

Maybe they were best friends once.
Love hate relationship
a long lost love affair
long gone in the depths of time and space

and the moon is the earth’s non-gender specific sidekick
maybe just acquaintances
they were friends at aschool
but maybe in high school they were put in different classes
and chose different subjects

we have a playground of fun
filled with these three young adults
Earth Moon Sun

all playing happily
there’s an occasional blowout
maybe a solar flare
where one is excluded
or a slightly wider orbit
cause they didn’t want to talk to one another for a while

but other than that it’s pretty fine



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