#85: History of the World (Part 1)

the universe
There is a physical system
and there may be a grand
somewhat questionable designer

The history of the universe
begins as soon as we
as soon as
begins to think about its history
and begin to note it down

So Ancient Egypt,
it starts with the Greeks.
Ancient Greece, maybe?
A Mediterranean climate
working under a baking hot sun
The Greeks were first recorded people to say that
the sun was an object
they said a white hot stone
not something divine
a divinity
not divine creation

this person
his name
was Anaxagores
was exiled
for saying things so illogical

So this is where it all begins
the history of the universe
the world exploring our neighbourhood star
our sun
A white hot stone
the history of the universe
begins with persecution

and we can see this spectrum
of divine creation
and physical science
based on what they someone it can prove

Aristotle believed we are at the centre of the universe
he said that we are at the centre
But then other people said:
“in the simplest form of the mathematical scheme, each planet moves steadily round the circumference of a circle, the epicycle, whose circles moves steadily around the circumference of another larger circle, the deferent, whose centre is fixed at the centre of a fixed earth.”

and then we have the Bibical universe and the Dark Ages
risking everything to save the truth



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