#127: Brain

[A school trip.]

[Dr Fenwick enters with thirty young children and 1 slightly stressed teacher, Mr Marston]

-And if you all like to come around the chamber. Here we are, children!
Lovely. Gather, gather. Come on! Can everyone see?
Small people at the front, larger ones at the back.
That’s it!

[There is a kerfuffle of activity as the children gather and Dr Fenwick silences them. Mr Marston is not being helpful.]

-Welcome children! Welcome! Welcome to the brain. The most mysterious piece in the puzzle of human anatomy. The mechanisms by which brain activity gives rise to consciousness and thought remain very challenging to understand: despite rapid scientific progress, much about how the brain works remains a mystery.

-Inside we have Dr Llewellyn. Everyone say hello to Dr Llewellyn. He’s finding out what is happening in this particular brain.

[The children of Julia Wood Primary School wave at Dr Llewellyn who is dangling off wires around a giant 3D model of the brain. Dr Llewellyn ]

-Now, using the intercom here, I should be able to speak to Dr Llewellyn about what investigations he is currently conducting in the isolation chamber.

[Dr Fenwick presses the intercom.]

-Dr Llewellyn? Do you copy?

-Receiving, Dr Fenwick.

-We have the children of Julia Wood Primary School here. They are here to find out about the brain you’re working on.

-Of course, Dr Llewellyn. This brain is in a damaged state, but we are still working out exactly which areas have been affected.

-What have you discovered so far?

-In layman’s terms, this brain is sick

-And how do you intend to repair it, Dr Llewellyn?

-That’s a very good question, Dr Fenwick.



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