#126: City Hall

[JEFFREYS is in SIMMONS’ office]

-No, Jeffreys, I asked for those numbers yesterday!
Where are they?
-Sorry, Simmons
-It’s not fucking good enough!
-I’m waiting on different departments filtering that information back into the system.
-You need to push them!
-Sir, I’ve sent them dozens of emails
-Emails? You need to pick up the phone, Jeffreys!
-I’m sorry, sir!
-If you don’t pick it up, you won’t get what you want. Do you know how easy it is to ignore an email?
-Well, sir…
[makes a buzzer noise] EEH, delete! If you need to go round to all of them individually and stand over their desk until they fill in the information, so be it. So be it!
-If you need to spend the government’s new budget on donuts to force people to type numbers into an online form, if you need to hide people’s lunches so that they don’t eat until they give us the numbers, if you need to march in there and take your penis out of your trouser suit and wave it around, so be fucking it, Jeffreys. SO BE IT.
-Yes, sir
-Now get back to all the departments and sort me those numbers. Reports don’t write themselves. Reports are what make governments fuck and sleep and work. Without reports, we are nothing! Do you comprendre vous, Jeffreys?
-Yes, sir!
-Now get the fuck out of my office.
-Yes, sir. Thank you, sir

[JEFFREYS leaves.]

-For the love of Christ. APRIL?!

[APRIL enters]

-Yes sir?



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