#121: Ice Cream for Breakfast (Part 3)

CONTINUED… A cardboard comedy for 7 year olds

[MELANIE and JOE bring out and even bigger board.]

MELANIE: At the end of the long green walled maze, a man sits playing Backgammon, there is no way past this without winning.However we have uncovered that he enjoys internet poker.

JOE: Which I can beat him at. Because I’m a hacker.

ESKY: Either way, we’re going to get it. And we’re in the main chamber to reach the goal.

CLAIRE: So we’re in the main chamber, what do we do now?

ESKY: We achieve the goal!

CLAIRE: It’s more than a goal, it’s a way of life.
It’s bigger than this journey
It’s bigger than our lives.
We’re going to bring it back.
We’re going to bring it back, to where it belongs.

ESKY: Where?

To us.
To the people. We’re going to bring all of it back to the people…
We can’t let them take us down.
We won’t go quietly!

ALL: Cheering and whooping [etc. etc.]

CLAIRE: Stealth. Please. For the last time, stealth…

ALL: Stealth.

TODD: Ok, let’s focus in on the facts. This plan has been brainchild of many other groups across the globe, and must be acted out in the most professional manner. We are ninjas. We are soldiers. We were soldiers. And now we are also fighters. Nothing can go wrong.

MEL: I’ve been doing some research into the head figure behind the ban.

[She gets out a picture of Jamie Oliver.]

MEL: Jamie Oliver, MBE. He was the original head of a formal campaign to ban unhealthy food in British schools and get children eating fresh, tasty, nutritious food instead. Oliver’s efforts to bring radical change to the school meals system, challenged the junk food culture by showing schools they could serve healthy, cost-efficient meals that kids enjoyed eating.

And then we all know what happened next.Barack Obama jumped right on in there.People have agreed on an aggressive federal …and then GLOBAL approach.

We’re here to take it back.

CLAIRE: For ice cream!

ALL: For ice cream!



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