#120: Ice Cream for Breakfast (Part 2)

CONTINUED… A cardboard comedy for 7 year olds

HANNAH: If you could all fill out these forms, just to make sure that should anything happen, that loved ones are informed and there’s nobody who will sue. [She laughs manically.]

[Papers are passed round, everyone groans.]

ESKY: Is this really necessary? It’s just admin.

HANNAH: It’s administration!

ESKY: Sorry. Is this really necessary? It’s just administration!

CLAIRE: Enough. Stealth. Remembereth!


CLAIRE: Anyway.The Plan.

ALL:The Plan.

CLAIRE: I believe the Ben and Jerry Division have something on this.

ALL:The Plan.

[A giant board is brought out by TODD and PAUL, documenting the Plan.]

PAUL: SO, the Plan.

ALL: The Plan.

CLAIRE: Stop it!

TODD: Yes. We intend to infiltrate through the back courtyard, into the green walled maze and through to the main chamber.

PAUL: The back courtyard is guarded by three puppy dogs and Pekinese poodle. All are vicious.

TODD: Luckily though, we have obtained a Nibblet from a local bazaar to distract the puppy dogs and the poodle, giving us enough time to sneak past in the green walled maze.

CLAIRE: Division – you have the next part of the puzzle.

[ESKY brings out a bigger board.]

ESKY: Yes. The green walled maze was a hard nut to navigate. However, speaking to a local bookkeeper, he showed me ‘the Golden Compass.’ And I said, “Isn’t this called ‘Northern Lights’?” And he said, “no, it’s called ‘the Golden Compass’”. SO, we have the golden compass to guide us through the green walled maze.

CLAIRE: Excellent. Native, Local and Supermarket Divisions – you hold the key…



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