#81: Mayan Apocalypse

That year
we were all doing Further Maths
and English
and Drama
and Politics
and Maths
and Art
and Physics
they’d turned on the supercollider
there were floods
and hurricanes
there was people in different parts of the world
blowing each other up
asking for peace
but practising war
while the rest of the world
was making speeches
and having summits
and someone was protesting over here
and there was a charity collection over there
we sent money
we talked about it in class
we had to colour in different parts of the map
and look at how it had changed over the years
I don’t get it
that’s why I don’t watch the news
don’t have time
trying to get my head around all these equations
and answers to all the questions
I’ve got an essay due for Friday
and if I’m not in the school play
even just in the chorus
I’ll blow someone up
you don’t want to be saying that
there’s a lot on
and that’s just the stuff in Maths
Further Maths
not the stuff on tv
it seemed real
it looked real on the tv, on the news
but it was always far away
it used to be really far away
and suddenly it got really really
it got really really close


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