#34: Everywhere in halls around the country

-What made you choose your name?
-It was my father’s surname
-It’s beautiful.
-Do you still speak to your father?
-He’s not around anymore
-Oh I’m sorry.
-He died.
-Yeah, that must be awful.
-No, it’s… It was a long time again. I’ve not thought about him in a while.
-He was a great guy. Kind, generous.
-Of course.
-Yes, of course, he was. That’s what they always say. Drunk, but in a jolly way
-Well, that’s…
-Hey, let’s not talk about it
-I was just interested
-About your family
-Yeah. My mum’s name is Muriel
-That’s a great name.
-She’s great. She still has a perm but she means well. What’s your dad like?
-Oh, we don’t talk about him.
-It’s just been my mum and me for a while
-Cool. Yeah. Me too.
-You’re upset.
-No, not at all.
-I should go.
-If you need to.
-It’s late
-You could stay
-Wouldn’t want to intrude
-I have a sofa
-It’s fine
-It’s no problem. It’s only down the road
-Well, it was really nice talking to you, James
-You too, Turner

[TURNER begins to leave. They think about this for a moment and then they return to kiss JAMES on the cheek.]

-Well, see you at school tomorrow
-Will you be alright getting back?
-Thanks for the… chat
-That’s ok
-No, I really…
-I get it. I can understand. I don’t know what it is. But I get it

[They both pause. Then TURNER leaves. JAMES sighs.]



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