#28: Noise team

[WILL stands at MR. GRESHAM’s door.]

-It’s everyday?
-The noise?
-Like non-stop party. You know beats, beats, beats
-Ok. I understand. I’m going to write that down here
-Good. It’s most of the time. They’re disturbing. I have to turn up the television.
-I’ll make of that here. Anything more to add?
-What are you going to do about it?
-We will open an investigation. Your call has moved proceedings on
-And then?
-We’ll take it for there
-Ok. And where’s there?
-Can you speak to them?
-There is no loud music at the moment. I measured it with decibel counter and it’s not anti-social at present.
-Right. Is there not something you can do now?
-You can call the freephone number any time and me or a colleague can come and measure the sound and if it’s over our upper limit we can action a complaint and log it
-So you can’t do anything now?
-Is there anything else I can help you with Mr. Gresham?
-Could you not just speak to them? I can’t get round there. I don’t want to talk to them; I would rather someone official – like you – had a word. Just to scare them a bit.
-Mr. Gresham, please call me if you have any further requests. You will receive a letter about the investigation.
-Is there anything else?
-Excuse me?
-Do you carry earplugs?
-Could I have a pair?



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