#177: Gag Reflex (Filling Up)

I’ve realised I own nothing. I don’t even own my own personality I borrow that from you. I fill myself full of knowledge and ideas start spouting it out drunken courage wine more glasses of wine more and more wine Where’s the vodka? Bring me the whisky! More More More More MORE THANKS [Throws a […]

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#159: Gag Reflex (Thoughts)

[a la “Fuck the Audience”] WHO FEELS ALONE? WHO FEELS ALONE? Do you feel alone? Do you feel alone? What about you? Are you alone? Is that your girlfriend? You probably shouldn’t be together. Hold hands. Prove it. Hold each other’s hands Isn’t that nice? Are you holding each other back? Are you? Who’s holding […]

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#72: Gag Reflex – Scratch

[A table, a chair, 3 glasses of water, a female actor, 2 bananas, a microphone and stand] [Philippa walks on; script already on table] [Philippa at table, with script, with microphone, protected by table.] Hello Hi I wasn’t supposed to do this by myself There were meant to be other people here To take the […]

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#71: Gag Reflex (Part 1)

“Now what’s interesting about this what’s interesting about this now is that we are in there with you. In that tunnel. We want to pull you out help your find your light. Help you see the stars.” [Music.] [Philippa is naked, but wrapped in a towel. There is a pile of dirty clothes on the […]

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#48: Gag Reflex (R&D)

Forays into Philippa’s dark mind. She apologise ten thousands times. -My best friend, she turns to me and she says, “Does this mean you’re going to have to tell your parents that you are gay?” -“Yes, yes it does.” -And she doesn’t check if that OK. She shrugs her shoulders and says, “Well good, good […]

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#35: Gag Reflex (R&D)

READ ALOUD TO YOURSELF -I feel safe in my awkwardness That means that I relish the sickness I hold it close to my heart Protecting me I wear it well A fuzzy mask of sarcasm and cutting remarks I wear it so well People don’t see who I am Or they think I’m someone else […]

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#33: Gag Reflex (R&D 2)

[Philippa presses play. She stands for a long time before starting. If possible we fade it up on the second verse, rather than having the complete build up.] -All woman is mad hysterical All together en masse sing it now break down go on, break down in sobs and tears Why don’t we break it […]

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#26: Gag Reflex (R&D)

[Philippa takes a breath. Exposition is over. The real work needs to begin.] [She drops the sick bag.] It was the tequila that tipped me over the edge moved me forward cleansed me and made it easy to take the next step. I have been drunk many times Haven’t we all? on wine on cider […]

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#9: Gag Reflex (Part 1)

[Philippa enters the stage She holds a sick bag and a basin. She looks a bit queasy for a while, a bit uncertain. Then over time, she vomits. It’s fake of course. This is a performance and Philippa is a performer.] -That’s how it feels [Philippa holds up the sick bag] -If I were more […]

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