#259: The Cafe

We never made it work

We sit in the café

Our umbrellas in a bucket by the door
pink alongside red clashing

You pull off your blazer and place it on the back of the chair

I walk calmly to the bar and peruse the menu

The waitress tells us to take a seat

We order from the table not the bar she says

There is an pause while we decide what we want 

You order a mocha and I have a double espresso

We speak about scones

Maybe we can share one I say 

You point out the fruit one

You never really liked sultanas but you say you’ve changed 

The waitress brings everything over 

I sip the bitter espresso

You sip your sweet mocha

You split the scone in half and butter it on both sides

We speak about different types of jams

Apricot and raspberry

You said you made jam once

I know you’re lying but 
I laugh a little into my coffee remembering an event that didn’t happen 

I know you’ve never made jam

We chat about the weather, the football, how nice the scone is, you like sultanas now, how it’s lovely to see me, then you mention moving out of our house

I tell you 

I’ll be out by Wednesday

Fine. Fine you say

I’m moving in with Claire I say

Oh, Claire. How’s Claire, you say.

Fine. Fine, thanks 

You say you better get away, things to do, people to see 

Maybe we can have coffee again sometime I say

You say, you say we’ll see 

You know I’ll always love you you say

I can feel you lying again but I smile and I say I love you too 



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