#99: Two writers, one room

-You wrote a thing
-I did
-It’s lovely
-Are you happy with it?
-Do you like the director?
-They are quite new, quite brash
-A little older. Went to drama school. Has flappy hair
-Flappy hair?
-Yeah, you know [does an impression]

-I do like your new play
-Did you enjoy writing it?
-Oh, no. No-one actually enjoys writing, do they?
-Suppose not
-I read this newspaper article
-That’s how it always starts.
-God, I just want to shoot myself sometimes
-How come?
-Oh you know.

-Did you see Tom’s new monologue?
-I know.
-That boy really knows how to send an audience to sleep. Lots of pseudo-intellectual posturing and big words. He’s hiding. What is going on with him?
-I hear he was going through a rough time. Breakup. Death. etc. etc.
-You are telling me!

-How you feeling about the opening?
-I’m not looking at the reviews
-Don’t. They don’t mean anything.
-I know.

-It’s a good work



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