#97: Flu Jabs at my Heart

-I feel so orange
-Really? You do look a bit peaky. I wouldn’t call it fake tan, but it’s definitely – it’s definitely – you are quite pale.
-Shall we stay in bed all day?
-I want to get up and go for a walk
-Just five more minutes
-What shall we have for breakfast?
-I don’t know. Croissant? Eggs? Pancake?
-Each other?
-Morning Delight?
-What’s wrong with that?
-You’re sick. You’re exhausted.
-I’m not riddled with plague. It’s just flu. You have it already anyway
-I gave it to you. For which I apologise. But believe me, we’ll be halfway through and you’ll cry
-Excuse me?! I will not cry
-Oh sure
-I don’t cry!
-[gives a look]
-I don’t cry all the time
-You cry a lot
-That’s because it’s so good
-Oh sure
-Are you turning me down?
-Go back to sleep [gets up]
-Where are you going?
-I’m getting up
-I need the bathroom. I’ll be back in a minute
-[tries to get out of bed]
-[offstage] Don’t get out of bed. You’re sick
-I’m making some coffee
-[offstage] Baby, please don’t do that
-We should go for a walk
-[offstage] I thought you wanted to stay in bed
-I’m feeling better now
-[returns] Will you lie down?
-I’ll ask your mother to come over
-You hate my mother
-That’s how much I think you should lie down.
-You don’t like me, do you?
-Baby, you’re sick. Will you please try not to pretend otherwise?
-I love you
-Lie down
-Do you love me?
-[gives her that look]



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