#96: Got High

-Your nose is bleeding again
-Have a tissue
-This always happens. I’m sorry

-Would you like another toke?
-1 for luck
-You always do that
-It’s tradition

-I don’t think you should have anymore
-Your nose. It’s bleeding everywhere
-Maybe take a break. Get some water
-Do I have to get up?
-Come on.

-Do you want some chocolate?
-No thanks
-I’m stuffed
-We ate so much chicken
-I couldn’t stop

-Drinking would be a really bad idea right now
-Pass the whisky
-I don’t think I like you

-Tell me a story
-You’re fucked
-I’m fucked? You’re the one who’s fucking fucked

-Jesse has been away for a long time
-Jesse left
-He went home. Claire picked him up. She was so pissed.
-Was she driving?
-Yeah, they probably crashed the car by now
-Was she drinking?
-She was at a wedding
-Oh. Whose wedding?
-Who was he marrying?
-Really? The Italian girl he met at university!?
-She is beautiful
-She is a fucking fox

-She IS a fucking fox

-What time is it?
-Broken time
-It’s like 4am
-I know
-I know
-That is fucked
-You’re fucked
-I’m fucked

-Do you want to snuggle and try sleep?
-Come here
-Shall I bring the blanket?
-I want a sandwich
-We just had chicken
-I still want food
-No you don’t. Go to sleep
-Sing for me
-What do you think about Jesse?
-He’s probably gonna get married
-He is, isn’t he?
-That’s a shame.



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