#94: Thoughts from my mind yelled into the void

I do not need a drama folding up in front of me
I can do that on my own

Somewhere along the way
it stops

I can’t get it right

be both
be both
be both
be whoever you want
but just make good decisions
and make them quickly
so you can move on and explore who you really are

because that’s more interesting than anything I can say tonight
everything I do
you can do ten times better
so go out and do it

get naked
be both
don’t accept binaries
if you don’t know what this means
find out
be better
ask for help
read a self help book and then rearrange it

fuck someone
it’ll make you feel better
stay in control and make sure it’s what you want
but it will help

it’s the one of the only connections
we can have as humans

don’t take advice from me
I don’t know anything
you’ll be lucky if you know

sort out you shit
but don’t fucking play with it

just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse
it gets worse
and it will carry on doing that
until you break
and you will fight or you will die

so fucking fight it
cause no one else is going to do that for you

the system’s broken
don’t try and fix it
no one cares

just keep having children
and fucking people who you like the look of

you’ll find it
you’ll find it
and when you get it

that’s when it ends, my friend


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