#88: Iris Abernethy as Police Officer

[An incident room.]

[IRIS is furiously scribbling at her desk. She is becoming paper.
KAREN enters with a two postbags full of mail.]

KAREN: Most post for you, Iris.

IRIS: Put it next to the other ones

KAREN: Do you need a hand?


KAREN: We’re about to meet. See you in the war room. Coffee?

[IRIS holds up her flask and shakes it. It is empty.]

IRIS: I’ll have a latte.

KAREN: Sugar?

IRIS: No. You know that

KAREN: We’re late. Let’s go.

[CHRIS enters with a couple of boards centre-stage. The boards have several photographs on them.
KAREN and IRIS have coffees.
IRIS is furiously taking notes.
KAREN stares. A camera hangs round her neck.
SIMON enters.]

CHRIS: Tina Jane Martin. 30 years old. Two children, 10 and 13.The neighbours reported fighting late into the night. Clark was a heavy drinker maybe drugs. Arrested twice for GBH and theft.

KAREN: Yum, yum, yum.

CHRIS: I need a weapon, and a man.

[IRIS raises her hand.]

CHRIS: No time for questions.

SIMON: Shall we start door-to-door?

CHRIS: I want phone records, credit cards. If he shits anywhere, I want to see it on CCTV.

IRIS: Do you need me to speak to the press?

CHRIS: Could you stay for a minute, Iris?

[SIMON and KAREN disperse.]

CHRIS: You’re not on this case.

IRIS: I was in the meeting?

CHRIS: I didn’t ask you to be. You’re a liability. You’re not allowed away from your desk.

IRIS: Excuse me?

CHRIS: Paperwork. Now.

IRIS: That’s it. Can I appeal?

CHRIS: You made me ridiculous!

IRIS: You should have consulted with me before you went out there. I would have told you it was wrong.

CHRIS: You could have pulled me at any point.

IRIS: We had the wrong guy.

CHRIS: This discussion is closed. You are not on this case.

[CHRIS leaves.
KAREN’s camera flashes. The outline of a body is seen.
IRIS is wandering around eating a sandwich out of a packet.]

KAREN: If she catches you here…

IRIS: So what? She’s an idiot. She’s probably fucking to get ahead. She’s doesn’t know shit.



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