#83: Essay Deadline

My Space
Your Face
Oliver McPherson wrote on your wall
how’s the essay coming?
and you say it’s not coming at all

Joe Allison
is stringing words together to make sentences.

And then paragraphs
and then hopefully pages

Discuss and explain
the anthropogenic impacts
of your mother’s face
on a bone china tea set.

Attempt to coherently and succinctly evaluate
in what ways the British Government
has taken your mother hostage

In addition to this you may wish to consider
why your father and brother
enjoy playing tennis
in short shorts

it seems easy enough
but when you just don’t care about
climate change
and topography
and localised flooding
it’s a lot more difficult that it should be

Oliver McPherson wrote on your wall
you coming round tonight?
and you say

because you can’t
cause you left it all

last minute


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