#77: Sandwiches

[FERNE and WARK are in the kitchen]

-Let’s see…
-What you got?
-We have peanut butter, cucumber, jam, smoked ham, Wensleydale with cranberries…
-Do you have bread anywhere
-Do we have bread?! Of course we do.
-I meant in the cupboard. Just checking – it’s the essential component
-Not necessarily. There are lots of different kinds of sandwiches.
-What sort of sandwiches are you eating?
-I’m always in a sandwich. [She makes a sexy tiger claw gesture.] Raar.
-So what will we have?
-Peanut butter and jam?
-That could work. I was thinking ham and cheese?
-We could go halves?
-I suppose. I think it would be nice.
-Yeah, works for me.
-I’ll get the bread knife
-I don’t know what to have first
-It’s a sandwich – you can have whatever you like within reason
-I know. Seems all… I’m getting confused
-What’s wrong?
-Do you not want to make sandwiches?
-No, it’s not that. Pass the butter.
-Cause it’s ok if you don’t. There’s no pressure.
-To make sandwiches. There’s no pressure
-You can go if you want.
-If you’re not comfortable with me, you and Mark. The sandwich.
-I thought we were making lunch
-We are, but in case there’s something you want to talk about
-We’re here to answer questions
-Can we just make lunch please?
-You don’t have to be in a sandwich if you don’t want to?
-I don’t want to talk about it. Could you pass the butter please?
-You can have anything between bread; you can anything with us
-I know



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