#74: No grammar, no punctuation, just words.

She stands legs out hands in pictures the man at the altar bending his knees towards her He genuflects praising the Lord hoping for fulfilment but desperately he mutters only finding the priest who is all hands to God and saying Hail Mary full of grace etc etc Our Father who art in heaven etc etc Everyones chanting this and its starting to mean something A young bride dressed in white and veil stands ready Ready to be turned black and blue Beated into submission They try to explore simple pleasures of worshipping one another in front of Jesus on the cross but They lose their joint concentrations turn back to the Lord and ask for forgiveness In a confession box a priest asks what is wrong sister what is troubling you Looking for absolution They dont know what it means and who to turn to Bless me for it has been two weeks since my last confession He offers her the rosary and he offers her a counselling service The musicians are playing louder and the choir sings a simple melody while the priest consoles consoles the girl She sits like Mary Hail Mary She knows shes only a part time believer but shes regretting everything full time Its not what she thinks and shes grateful everyday She thanks Jesus everyday for who she is and who she has Its beautiful His beautiful voice that sings and prays her to sleep Shes a good one always and faithful Always keeping the faith She doesnt want anyone to tell her shes wrong



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