#73: How IT feels

[The water cooler, Monday morning]


[TIM and JEFFERSON hug intensely like men. LITTLE G is wired into a computer at the back of the scene]

-Oh that was a good night on Saturday!
-Of course
-So much BOOST!
-NO more Boost!
-Too much Boost!

[They laugh for a bit.]

-Did you try the 0 and 1 cookies I made?
-Absolutely delicious!
-I had a total sugar high!
-Really? Crap.
-I had a few beers as well!
-All out, man. All out!
-Don’t usually, but it was a Saturday.
-What else is there to do?
-Spent all of Sunday programming
-Good for you, man
-Totally wired. I made it work though
-Coffee? The machine’s all warmed up.
-I would love to – yes, thank you
-Deconstructed latte?
-Espresso shot with milk on the side?
-Yes please
-Vanilla syrup on the side?
-Yes, why not? It’s only Monday.

-So how’s Little G getting on?
-Been here all weekend. Says he’s not leaving til he finished the code. Barely talks. I had to ask him 4 times how he was doing? He’s so wired.
-He doesn’t quit. We’re going to have to pay him more.
-We’re going to have to fire him if we want him to leave
-Does he use the bathroom?
-I haven’t seen it happen yet.
-Yeah, I didn’t think about that
-He drinks coffee
-Maybe he shouldn’t?
-Do you think he’s a robot?
-It would make sense

-So coffee?

-He’s a robot
-No one can work that much and not pee.
-You’re probably right.



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