#71: Gag Reflex (Part 1)

“Now what’s interesting about this
what’s interesting about this now
is that we are in there with you.

In that tunnel.

We want to pull you out
help your find your light.
Help you see the stars.”

[Philippa is naked, but wrapped in a towel.
There is a pile of dirty clothes on the floor
And a pile of clean clothes somewhere else.
She has left the shower quite recently but is pottering around.
She looks to the pile of dirty clothes.
She picks up a t-shirt – it has sick on it.]

[Shot glasses are somewhere. Maybe she drinks during the show]

-It was the tequila
that’s what tipped me over the edge

[She suppress a burp.]

-I’m fine

-I don’t do names
I don’t do dates.
I don’t do faces
I just do people

[She coughs.]

But I remember you
Oh my goodness
I remember you.


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