#65: General Manager

[An office. LINDA is sitting poised to make notes. QUENTIN ushers BARRY in. Everyone is in suits.]

-Barry! Hi
-Take a seat.
-Thank you
-Can I get you a coffee?
-No, I’m good, thank you
-Linda, bring Barry a coffee
-Right away.
-Thanks Linda.
-Isn’t she great?
-Yes, lovely.
-Quentin, sir, how are you?
-How are you finding it?
-It’s been lovely
-Sales going well?
-I’ve got a few more clients on my portfolio
-Great, great. Barry, I’m going to be straight with you
-This is an appraisal. It’s been 3 months. 3 interesting months
-Yes, Quentin
-Barry, we’ve made a number of changes here at BestTech
-New sofa, a conference room, working from home, sabbaticals at other companies
-It’s been quite empowering, sir.
-But it’s been a challenging time
-Clients are not what they used to be. Spend per head is down, which means we need more individual sales, in addition to our repeat business. I need my best salesman
-Those who can take the bull by the horns!
-Yes, sir
-Barry –
-Barry, Barry, Barry…
-We’re going to have to let you go.
-I need the best team, Barry
-You’re firing me?
-In this company, we value loyalty
-We value sales
-We value dedication. You’ve not made the cut, Barry. I’m sorry.
-I’m not leaving because you made a mistake.

-We’re doing what’s…

[LINDA enters with the coffee.]



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