#60: A New Perspective

[An interview room. Non-descript]
[FRED and EZRA are facing one another.]

-Did you think that then?
-What were you thinking?
-I don’t think I was thinking of anything
-I guess I wanted to hurt someone
-Is that something you’ve thought of for a long time?
-I can’t remember
-Did you get what you wanted?
-Jim was right. It doesn’t help
-Who’s Jim?
-He said it wouldn’t be worth it. That nothing could numb the pain
-Is Jim a friend of yours?
-No, he was someone I met on the street.

-Did you calculate your actions?
-No, I acted on impulse
-How do you feel now?
-A bit… I feel quiet
-Could you elaborate? Why do you feel quiet?
-I feel calm
-Could you stay here for a few moments? I need to step out

[FRED stands from his chair and heads towards the door.]

-It’s not like I can go anywhere

[EZRA places his hands on the table. They are handcuffed. FRED briefly looks at them before acknowledging.]


[FRED turns to leave.]

-Could you pass me the cup of water?

[FRED waits a moment, before returning to the table and pushing the cup towards EZRA. The straw is slightly out of reach.]


-And the straw?

[FRED sighs.]

-Please could you let me have a sip of water?

[FRED leaves.]

[EZRA jumps his chair towards the table and the cup. His feet are also bound. He attempts to sip the water, but ends up knocking it over on himself.]

[A brief pause.]



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