#59: On a train, travelling backwards

I see different parts of the city today
I travel backwards on the train
I feel the buildings slipping out of my hands
Into window after window after window of…

Emerging from the blackness like a videogame screen
The cityscape framed by my hair
My hands on the controller
Wrecking cars
Eating dinosaurs
Racing Marios
Building rollercoasters

When I’ve told you I love you a million times
I park my thoughts at the stations
One by one
Thought by thought
I know that I must leave this now
That this is where it terminates
All change please
Surprise, surprise
I leave my bag for someone else to investigate
It’s full of all your stuff
and I don’t need it now anyway

We’ve been trying to get away from one another
And this break seems like the only way
I’m running away from you
and I don’t know why you’re following me

It appears I have intense thoughts
And I go to dark places
But nothing is as dark as what is behind me now

A coffee and a KitKat
It’s not enough though
It’s not enough though
Is it?



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