#57: Oh Hell No

[Very fast delivery. Both playing on mobile phones and not really listening to one another.]

-Oh hell no, girl!
-You know what I’m saying!
-Oh hell no!
-You know what I’m saying!
-You have to be – oh hell no! I will string him up! I will string him up to a plate and I will hang him by the face.
-Every time I’m looking at this, I’m thinking, I’m thinking – what am I supposed to say? What do I say to him? Like, hell no. But no, that’s not on.
-He’s no brother of mine. What you thinking, girl?
-This is not what it is. I’m having words. Where is he at, sister?
-You telling me!
-He should not be allowed to get away with this. Respect to your mumma, but that boy is scum and dirt.
-You gotta leave him, girl. I know he’s my brother, but you do what you need to do, girl
-I’m tweeting at him right now. I’m sending him a text
-Oh hell no – I gotta do more than that, girl. I expect more of my brother. He is not allowed to treat you like that. We’re all family. You know, respect.
-Respect to your mumma, you know what I’m saying
-He’s my brother, but hell no. You know what I’m saying!
-I know what you’re saying!
-You are better than that, girl!
-I can’t even think about that. I’m getting so upset right now. I mean, like, look at this. [Doesn’t show the other the phone.] Look at this. What you talking about?
-Oh I know, girl. You need to speak to him. You need to tell him what’s this, what’s that, girl.
-Hmmmm… hell no


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