#56: Infinite Mess

-We speak in binary
-But we understand the feeling of regret
-Transposing it into song and envisioning a new future
-That’s not the reason
-You’re right
-That’s not the reason we cannot organise this mess
-It’s not a language that we don’t understand

-We speak in many different languages
-Because of requiring a private conversation
-Of having nothing in the open
-But some things up front
-Because of being who we are and not understanding
-I’m not sure who’s left intact when I open my mouth

-I speak in words and letters

-We dance on fridges
-We become lightboxes
-We are objects in constructed sentences that hurt and hurt and hurt

-We are all messes

-Why is there always one sentence in a story that everyone wants to hang onto? That they want to quote at each other and revisit? That connects to them in a visceral attack and engages their attention like nothing else that day.


-It can’t all be challenging
-It can’t all be adjectives
-It can’t all be golden
-It never is

-You can’t continue going up, going up, going up
-We fall down

-Because it’s a infinite mess
-But there are different kinds of infinity
-And these can be measured and helped into visualisation

-We speak in binary
-Because it’s the only language that we know
-We can translate this into everything else
-And we can read between the lines
-But it always challenges our preconceptions of ourselves
-Whoever we are?
-Wherever we are?
-Where are we?
-It doesn’t make sense to me



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