#55: Diseases

-It’s an infection
-The question is why?
-Why now?
-It’s bacterial?
-Viral probably
-So why do we have to remain in quarantine?
-It could be anything
-It could be nothing
-We don’t know
-Is it possible to trace it from the beginning?
-It originates somewhere in South America
-Not Africa?
-Nothing bad from there in a long time
-They tidied it all up
-That’s unfair; there’s corruption everywhere
-Yes, but South America? I don’t believe
-No, all tests so far demonstrate this
-We have to remain in quarantine
-Of course, this is to be expected
-We wait here
-Can we smoke?
-It’s not allowed. Look at the sign.
-We’re dying in here. What difference does it make?
-But it needs to ready for the next person
-They’ll fumigate it anyway
-You can’t get rid of smoke that easily
-I don’t think you can get rid of dead that easily either
-Fair point
-Fair’s fair
-But please don’t smoke
-If you insist
-I have asthma. I’ve had it since I was a child
-I had mumps as a child
-That can make you infertile
-Only if you’re a man
-Oh right.
-I thought you were
-It’s confusing, I know
-I’m confused
-It’s easier not to accept
-But with the gown and the uniform?
-It’s alright; I don’t mind; I don’t think about it
-What do I call you?
-What’s your name?
-That’s a lovely name
-We’re going to be here a long time
-Not that long
-Let’s hope it ends.
-Well, it’s bound to end some time…



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