#54: Fading

A nursing home in Germany.

[Grandma Heidi is sitting up in bed. Ralf and Jessi enter.]

-Good morning.
-Who’s that? I haven’t got my glasses on.
-Mum, hello, it’s Ralf
-Ralf? I don’t know a Ralf. Where are my glasses?
-It’s your son. Ralf. I was here yesterday.

[Ralf hands his mother her glasses. She puts them on.]

-Oh, Ralf, you should have said.
-And this is my daughter, Jessi. You know Jessi
-You’ve got a daughter? Why didn’t you tell me?
-Yes, this is Jessi. Say hello to Granny, Jessi.
-Hi Gran. How are you?
-Is this Gillian?
-No, it’s Jessi.
-No it’s me, Gran. Gillian isn’t here. She’ll be here tomorrow. She was here yesterday.
-Gillian’s in France for work now. She’ll be back next week. Jessi will be eighteen tomorrow.
-No, I don’t think that’s right. You were only ten. And then you were getting married.
-Gillian is married to me, Mum. And Jessi is our daughter.
-I haven’t seen anyone in days. Where have you been? Don’t you think it’s terrible that they keep us all here?
-We were here yesterday.

-We’re planning a breakout
-That’s not allowed, Gran.
-That’s why it’s called a breakout
-And what do the nurses think?
-Oh no, we don’t tell them, Roland? We don’t –
-I’m Ralf. Roland isn’t here, Mum.
-Where’s Roland? Has he popped out? He’s been away for a long time.
-Roland’s dead, Mum
-I’m not your mother! Stop calling me that.
-Mum, my name is Ralf. I am your son. This is my daughter, Jessi. We are here to visit you. Take a breath. Take a breath.
-You haven’t been here in such a long time, Roland. Where did you go?



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