#53: Annie in the Kitchen

[Philippa is in the kitchen. The dinner is cooking on the hob and we can hear the shower running offstage.]

-Annie! Annie!
[off] What?
-I think it’s burning?
[off] What?
[off] Just take it off the hob!
[off] I’m in shower
-Taking it off the heat

[Annie emerges in a towel, dripping wet. Philippa is still holding the pot and doesn’t know what to do. Philippa looks for instructions; Annie is confused.]

-It’s totally burnt through
-Let me see.

[Philippa puts the pot back on the hob, which she hasn’t turned off.]

-Not there!
-Put it on the stand; turn the hob off.

[The pot is placed on the stand. Annie grabs another pot.]

-It’s not all burnt. We can still eat the top half.
-I wasn’t paying attention.
-It’s fine. I went and had a shower. It’s totally fine.

[Annie grabs a fork and begin to scoop the stew in the other pot inefficiently]

-We should have put it in the oven.
-Well, it didn’t fit with the other trays.
-Oh dear
-We can still eat it
-Do you want a better scoop?

[Philippa offers the large plastic serving spoon. Annie takes it.]

-Yes, that’s better
-You should go get dressed. I’ll do this.
-It’s fine.

[Annie finishes scooping.]

-Ok. Perfect. Well done.
-Pour us a glass of wine. I’ll get dressed.
-Don’t worry. Glasses are in the cupboard.

[Annie leaves. Philippa stands and puts her head in her hands. She takes a beat. She reaches the glasses in the cupboard. She opens the wine with an effort and slugs a gulp before pouring two glasses. She sits and waits for Annie to be ready]



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