#44: Reindeers and Paint Varieties

-It’s been getting darker in here
-We had some new blinds installed
-We don’t really know why
-It’s because they don’t let much light in
-It could be the fact that the carpet is absorbing a lot. The linuoleum used to bounce the light back. Sometimes we had to wear sunglasses
-It wasn’t that bad. It’s the cold. That’s why changed it
-We’re saving so much on heating
-I still wear a hat. But I guess that’s because of habit and not because of the cold
-You love that hat
-You bought me that hat
-No I didn’t
-Do you not remember?
-I don’t think so
-It was about 30 years now
-But we must have been
-It was before
-What do you think of the paint?
-I don’t like it either
-Should we change it?
-I was thinking watermelon
-What’s that like?
-It’s a pink, isn’t it?
-Like a watermelon?
-Of course.
-Why don’t they just call it pink?
-They could call it passionfruit
-Passionfruit, that’s yellow, isn’t it?
-Only on the inside
-And then it’s red on the outside
-Maybe it’s maroon, or russet
-Russet. That’s like the leaves.
-On the trees.
-In autumn.
-When I bought you that hat?
-I think it was Christmas.
-You think it was 30 years ago?
-You don’t remember do you?
-I think so.
-No, I think it’s gone. What colour is that hat?
-Green. A dark green. Like a leaf
-Do you like it?
-I love it. It’s my favourite hat.
-What colour should we paint the walls? Quick, before we forget.



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