#40: Stage Directions

EXT. Midday. Bridge in Central Europe.

DEAN sits on a bench in the middle of the bridge. He takes a moment to look at his phone; after a minute he returns it to his top pocket. He puts his head in his hands and scratches his armpit. He raises his head.
A bus goes past.


INT. Midday. A window in a block of flats in England.

RACHEL looks at her phone. Nothing. She looks out the window again.
A bus goes past.


EXT. Midday. Outside a Metro entrance in Paris.

JULIA stands smoking a cigarette. She looks contented.
A bus goes past.
She takes another draw.
Another bus goes past.


EXT. Airport Drop Off in Hamburg.

LILY appears from a taxi. The driver throws her bags to the ground angrily and drives off quickly. LILY drops the Euro from her hand, not knowing what to do. She is crying and her left eye shows the first sign of a bruise.
Another taxi goes past.


INT. JFK Airport. Arrivals Hall.

URSULA leaps to her feet from the chair. She thinks she’s seen JEREMY get off the BA 4785 from Heathrow. She hasn’t. This man is called Mr. Tanner. She cannot hide her disappointment. She sits once more. A person walks by.


EXT. Washington DC. At the Vietnam Memorial

Of course, it’s raining. HUGH stands looking at all the names. We cannot see his face. He holds an umbrella. FIONA joins him; they link arms. They stand looking at the names for a moment.




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