#38: What I Blah About When I Blah About How Good I Am At Running

[A park. Two fitties are stretching on the grass in all sorts of fantastic shapes.]

-Ya, that’s a really great programme. You should go for it. It’s pricey, but the damage you could do if you don’t… You’ve got to consider it. You won’t have any regrets. It’s all I talk about. Honestly, they should pay me for all the free advertising I’m doing.
-Have you done all of it?
-Accelerated it. Did it over a couple of weeks. Muscles were totally smashed, but it was bloody worth it. Honestly, a god send. Never felt so alive. They sort out the diet at the same time. Absolutely genius.
-Like boot camp?
-Ya, it was total intense. Hills, interval training, fartlek, long runs. They knew how to push you to new heights. Your speed and fitness – and oh my God, my core…
-Ya, feel this.

[They feel the core. It is impressive.]

-But you know, I can say I’m a runner. A runner? Me? A runner? Yes. That’s what’s changed I never felt like that before. I feel so free. And motherfucking liberated! Marathon man! I am so ready for this. It’s still a challenge, but I totally feel it. You know. Like the under four hour mark. I’m doing impressive 5k times. I know it doesn’t translate like that, but I am on track. On the motherfucking track.
-Yeah, it’s so zen. Just made me think about how it’s not about the kit or the shoes. Sure, that was all part of it. Did I tell you about the yoga?
-The yoga?
-Ya, the yoga. Forget all the running, that’s were all the good stuff is.
-So you going to sign up for it?
-Yeah, I’ll think about it.



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