#36: I never liked your stuff anyway

[Two well-to-do ladies are visiting the studio of ‘g’ (the latest sensation from Leeds). An audience watches on tentatively. The artist stands in the corner in dungarees and paint.]

-There’s always one. Every artist goes through this phase. He’s really playing with tone and flavour, but he’s…
-You think he’s not followed through?
-Maybe. It’s incomplete, unfinished. Not a negative, but a definite criticism of the necessity to push the themes further
-You don’t think it’s the start of a new form?
-He’s experimenting, sure. But the progression – tangential at best – he’s not found a consistent framework for this new vocabulary.
-What do you think he could be saying with this palette?
-And the text. This scribble at the bottom, asking to be scrutinised but adding nothing to the composition.
-The framing is also conflicting. Again, not a negative…
-What is he saying here?
-It’s leaving me, quite frankly, baffled

[The well-to-do ladies turn to the artist.]
[The artist pulls out a gun. He tries to be expressionless, but it could come out as smug.]
[The ladies are not afraid, merely intrigued.]

-Oh what’s this?
-This is new.
-Definitely more passionate
-You can really see the intention behind the action
-It’s exquisite. He’s really…

[The artist shoots the well-to-do ladies to the floor. There is blood (not red paint please) everywhere. There is a pause and the a moment of joyous celebration. The audience could seem pleased. ]
[The artist turns to the audience and begins to bow.]
[A member of the audience stands and shoots the artist down.]
[It ends.]

[The audience clap. The ladies and the artist never get up.]



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