#29: Social Work is Hard Work

[IAN and JENNIFER are in their office. There are paper and computers. Both are too busy.]

-We’re heading to the pub for a Christmas drink. You want to come with us?
-Jane’s coming
-Really? Jane?
-Jane never comes for a drink.
-I know. How did you manage that?
-It’s Christmas. You can’t ignore Christmas. You should be there
-I have to prepare for court. I’ve got all these papers to read

[She flaps a few papers in IAN’s face.]

-And these.

[She waves more.]

-It’s not tomorrow though. It’s the last day.
-It’s straight when we get back
-Join us after you finished
-I should really head home.
-Just one
-I’ll see what Mark says
-Give me a call. He won’t mind.
-There have been a lot of late nights. I think I should probably go home.
-Don’t look like that.
-You’ll come anyway
-No I won’t
-You will
-Is Kate going to be there?
-I’ll call here.
-Was that a yes?
-It’s an ‘if’
-If I can read all this

[She waves papers in IAN’s face.]

-You could take them home for Christmas.
-Great present (!)
-Why not?
-My kids will probably rip them up. What use is that to anyone?
-Serious. They hate me working. It’s a rebellion isn’t it? Think they can stop me if they destroy all the evidence.
-So you coming for a drink?
-Are you going to the Bull’s Head?
-Yes. I’ll buy you a wine.
-If I finish all these.



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