#248: Seven Deadly

All these ‘sinful’ things that we’ve done
They can never be destroyed, until we accept them as part of ourselves.
They lead us to live in a personal hell, created by ourselves, perpetuated by the internet
Nowadays everything is documented, via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.
It seems anyone who wants to know anything about anyone can find out
That our ‘sins’ are all on ‘videotape’

But are these ‘sins’ actually…
Or is it more the society that we live in that decides this?
By society, I mean ‘my society’- slightly conservative, Catholic guilt-ridden awkward female, who needs to be more open minded and liberated…
What if these ‘sins’, or ‘qualities’ or ‘mistakes’ actually make someone a better person over all?
Is it more about knowing when you’ve crossed a line/hurt someone/hurt yourself/been disrespectful/been untruthful/lost sight of yourself/done things to excess?
‘Sins’ are about learning how far you can push it and work your own way through it

Seven Deadly Sins or ‘Qualities’ are…

Pride, or ? (seeking continual gratification from others)
Covetousness, or Over-possession (esp. of what is not ‘rightfully’ yours)
Wrath, or Lack of Control (allowing circumstance and situation to consume you)
Envy, or Loss of Self (placing too much value in the people around you)
Gluttony, or Excessive Consumption (drinking, eating, drug-taking, people)
Sloth, or Apathy (not investing in yourself or other notable people/ideas in your life)
Lechery, or ? (not establishing certain rules of engagement before embarking upon (mainly sexual) relations)