#246: Manifesto

We needed to find a way to communicate with one another where everyone could have an equal chance to share their thoughts on the stimuli. It was difficult to develop an environment in which we all held an equal stake and could be given the space to share in the time we had. Our aim is to present a group of individuals working together towards a common goal. We found that undertaking the simplest tasks could demonstrate some of the feelings and thoughts that we all shared after many arguments, experiments and thoughts. Through improvisation and playing simple games, we attempt to free ourselves of our various hang-ups and behaviours as performers and individuals, working together to create a balance literally. We create rules, boundaries and guidelines for us to express ourselves as individuals within the context of a wider community. Inevitably, however, it does not take long for certain rules or ideas to collapse around us, and what is there to do, but to pick up and start again.

We’ve read the books.
We know what we’re talking about.