#245: It Was My Soul Leaving My Body

the immortal seat of reason

it could be found in plants and animals

for some it is the font of creativity, for others the spark of God in man.
What is the soul made of and where does it live?
Is it the key to our individuality as humans? And when we die will our souls find paradise or purgatory, rebirth, resurrection or simply annihilation?

at least some parts of the soul are immortal – reason is immortal – not just a computer – desire and pleasures of learning
live separated from anybody
come back and be reincarnated
animals are evolved humans – who haven’t used their reason but it’s atrophied

soul has been replaced by the self
could I go on after death?

made sense of gathered wisdom
what we are teaching is true for most

psychological depression
I can no longer look to my past and find answers

I don’t want you to come into this world with no expectation
i want you to realise that you are something
that you have form have function

that you can be explained not only in relation to yourself and your own body
but in relation to others
and connection

but what is this?

the soul sleeps while the limbs are active, but when one is sleeping, the soul is active and reveals in many a dream an award of joy or sorrow drawing near

soul had no life when it departed from the body

explanatory gap
problem of other minds

essence of a person
as bodies die the soul is continually reborn in subsequent bodies

the logos
the thymos
the eros


nature of a powerful connection

desire outweighs meaning