#239: Before A Redesign

I was given a photograph of Kelvingrove Bandstand in February 2010. It had been passed through a line of friends, until someone had heard I was interested in campaigning for the restoration and upkeep of the venue. I don’t know if I really do care enough about the Bandstand to campaign, but ever since moving to Glasgow, I had been slightly fascinated with the place. It was always a place that, in the back of my mind, had sparked my imagination. Looking back, I feel like I was concerned about the different stories and narratives of the Bandstand. The photograph reminded me of these stories. The person behind the camera (behind the picture) has their thoughts about the Bandstand and what happened at the Bandstand, on that day in 1988. All the people in the photograph, who are looking onto the stage, or looking wherever they want to look, have their own story of that place.