#235: Overhead

[A train on a Sunday.]

-It’s one of those isn’t it?
-Yes? You’ve heard of it?
-Google Glass.
-What is it?
-It’s Google Glass
-It’s just a gadget.
-It’s a computer attached to your glasses.
-Oh right.
-Very cool.
-What does it do though?
-Takes photographs, you can Google things you see, video calling
-Yeah, it’s great, isn’t it?
-This is so bad of me to say
-I just can’t believe you’ve heard of it
-I was going to sound so sexist there, but it’s usually one that only the nerds, you know, nerdy geeky guys watch. Not usually woman.
-Well, I’ve seen a few TED talks and I read the paper.
-Of course. Sorry, that was so rude. Fuck. Sorry.
-It’s fine. Can I have a go?
-Yes. Sure, though the battery’s actually dead, I’m afraid. You can imagine what it does – it’s just a gadget, you know.
-Is this expensive?
-Yeah, it’s about £1000 at the moment. I can’t actually afford it.
-We’re a partnership organisation who get to try out the latest things. We write reviews, wear things in public, make things desirable.
-And it doesn’t do much.
-No, not really. It’s just a toy. It’s an add on to your life. If you have a spare £1000, I think it would be a great little tool to have.
-It’s quite discreet. You can tap it, even speak to it and it can respond to simple commands. It’s clever.
-Yes, it’s a simple design.
-Well, the technology is amazing. I don’t know about you. How old are you?
-How old?
-I’m 31 years. I grew up before Facebook and text messages. I make myself sounds like a grandad, but these things. You look at kids and they know that it’s just virtual reality but there are not enough rules there or regulations. You see a child out in the street being racist and you tell them off or they get hit or whatever. But online. That’s an unregulated world. Who’s going to tell that kid off for being racist?
-I don’t know.
-No one. Exactly!