#231: On Saturday…

It was Monday. It was the first day of the global festival. Jillian and Sector 4 were presenting the world record for the number of dancers in an outdoor fenced area.

Tuesday. A floral arrangement of the words WELCOME TO THE GLOBAL FESTIVAL, which anticipated the arrival of different peoples to Planet Earth.

Wednesday. A massive feast promenades around the world on aircraft stopping off in each country, delivering food in a global food exchange.

Thursday. Our neighbours from several light years away bring thief own sign and breads to share with the life forms of Planet Earth.

Friday. A reenactment of the Great Wars of the Worlds including an orchestra and a sixteen hour reading from The Text.

Saturday. The nations’ and planets’ animals deliver a great performance of their histories. An invited group of delegates from each colony watch the proceedings and devour the animals after the show.

Sunday. The Global Nap, where people are invited to sleep naked.