#224: Harleyford

A horrible presentation showroom, where people are sold things they want but don’t need.

-You wanted a car, sir?
-Or maybe you wanted a motorbike?
-Or maybe you’re looking for a bit of both?
-Behold, sir.
-Please hold your breath and faint with amazement.
-Sir, you indeed have struck gold with us.
-We are so thankful we can share this moment with you.
-Please, sir.

-Well, what is it?

-We are so overjoyed that you are one of the first members of our elite club that can witness and test drive?
-Oh God, I can’t say it.
-You say it Graham
-I don’t want to.
-I’m too nervous. It’s too exciting
-Shall we say it together?
-Why don’t we just reveal it?
-Then declare it later.

-Will one of you please just say it?

-Gentleman, you must have patience when we show you the Earth!

-Fine. Please tell me. I can’t wait any longer.

-Behold, man, bastion of culture, the HARLEYFORD.
-The first motorbike car hybrid.

-Brilliant, I’ll take five. Can I go now?

-But we have many fine things to show you!