#220: You’re getting there

She sits patiently clutching her notes waiting for her moment. She’s steering for a more formal introduction but he ushers her outside for a cigarette.

She timidly takes the lit cigarette from his hand and coughs in the first puff. This isn’t what she planned but may as well push on anyway.

There’s people looking at her expecting her to say something funny. There’s others who look on wondering who she is and wondering why she’s so special to share a cigarette with him.

She really should have learned how to smoke like an adult.

He’s monologuing, thank God. She wouldn’t know what to say anyway. It’s woods, trees, ponies. He touches the back of his neck a lot and he grab her shoulder, trying to put his point across. She’s lapping it up anyway.

This is everything she needs.

It’s been a beautiful night minus the coughing and cigarette.

He’s a beautiful beautiful man and she deserves to be on the street with him.