#22: Metaphors flying and smashing

[TOBI enters with a guitar.]
[FRANK looks bemused.]

-Do you play guitar?
Do you play guitar?
Can you play C?
Can you play D minor?
Do you know your fret board like the front of your hand? Like the tips of your fingers? Do you that?

[TOBI takes out the guitar.]

-So you do play the guitar?
How much would it take you to make you play a strum?
I was wondering what might
You know

[TOBI strums a chord.]

-You can do it
Well fucking done
Does that make you feel big?
Do you feel like Mr. Boss?

[TOBI strums a bar of chords, akin to flamenco.]

-You’re wrecking me
You’ve destroyed me
I’m no-one compared to you

[TOBI plays a bass line.]

-Can you do F?
Can you do it?
Play it again.

[TOBI puts down his guitar.]



-Play the song.


-Play our song, Tobi.

[TOBI picks up the guitar.]


-It’s not our song.



-Don’t make me beg.

-Go on.


-Beg for it

-I wanted you to play the guitar.

-I did
That was something I used to do


-Fucking beg. You’re the one who wants it

-Please don’t

[TOBI raises the guitar in the air.]

-Please don’t
I don’t want have to stop you

-That’s not good enough

[TOBI holds the guitar even higher in the air.]
[FRANK goes to him.]


[TOBI brings the guitar in a massive smash.]
[FRANK grabs TOBI’s arms, but it’s too late.]

-Is this what you wanted, Frank?

[TOBI repeatedly smashes the guitar into the ground.]
[FRANK is wrecked; the guitar is wrecked.]

[The scene takes a moment to breathe before it…]