#219: Lost at Sea

And that’s when I realise these people have come here to dance and sing. They’ve prepared with their life experience and checked their baggage at the door.

And I have a backpack. I’ve prepared for wet weather days and hiking up mountains. I am something else.

But then I realise that that’s accepted. That’s expected.

Because we’re all different here.

We’ve all peed and bled down our leg before. And that’s ok. That’s ok.

I guess that’s ok.

Is it ok?

We’ve all done that right?


I was wondering when we all realised that we all liked each other. Is it because we are all focused on the same thing?


We’re all focused on me right now. I guess that makes us feel safe.

But I’m the most dangerous person in this room. Because I have a backpack.

I am a bomb.