#217: Banana Boathouse

-Did you do this?
-Did you?
-It’s beautiful.
-How long did it take you?
-A few years.
-Can I hug you?
-I’m overjoyed. I think we need to hug. You actually did it.

[They hug.]

-I mean for Christ sake, it’s actually a banana boathouse. Do you know what kind of the dream this is?
-It’s not a dream. It’s a miracle.
-How did you?
-Every weekend until it was done.
-My God.
-Robbie helped me out.
-Every weekend?
-You better believe it!
-I can’t. You did all this for me?
-Yes, it seemed like a fun project.
-It’s taken over your life.
-Everyone needs a hobby!
-Simon, it’s too much.
-It’s yours. It’s all yours.
-It’s a boat made of bananas.
-Well, that is what it is.
-Once I had the drawings and prototype, it was easy.
-A small engineering job on the side. Do you think we can sell it?
-It’s yours. You can do what you like. Although if you sell it, I would like a share.
-Of course. Of course.
-And Robbie too.
-Oh thanks Simon!

[They hug again.]